When an Aquarius Man Ignores You! What This Really Means

when he ignores youOne of the first things I always tell a woman who loves an Aquarius man is to get used to his disappearing act. Generally women dating men born under this sign aren’t used to their need to duck out of the relationship from time-to-time. The first time it does happen most of us panic. It may follow a small disagreement, an intense intimate moment or it may just come out of the clear blue sky. Regardless, when the guy you’re deeply interested in, suddenly is nowhere to be found, you’re going to question what’s going on. That’s nature, normal and it’s completely expected. How you handle this is crucial to the blossoming relationship and to your future connection with him.

Understanding what to do when an Aquarius man ignores you has as much to do with gaining insight into why he does it as to what your steps should be while it’s happening. These men are notorious for vanishing into thin air. They not only do it with the women they’re involved with, but with their parents, siblings, other family members and even close friends. It’s not something that they consciously do. You’re not going to find an Aquarius man who readily admits that he decides to break off all contact for a time. He’s just programmed to do that. It’s the way he handles his emotions whether they’re overwhelming him, just making him uncomfortable, or even in some cases, when he’s feeling extra happy. It’s a trigger response within him and it’s something that you have to learn not to take personally if you truly love him.

So what’s the best way to handle this situation? What should you be doing when your Aquarius man ignores you? Nothing. That’s right – Aquarius man ignoring youyou should do absolutely nothing when he disappears into the ether. If you try and track him down, he’s going to absorb that as you being pushy and overstepping a boundary. If you act out in terms of getting upset and telling him that you feel ignored, he’ll then ignore you on purpose, perhaps forever.

You must learn to adapt when you love an Aquarius man. You have to accept that there are going to be moments (perhaps a lot) in which he just needs space and time. When that’s going on it’s best for you to focus on your own life and your own interests. That’s one of the main reasons that women should never give up anything they enjoy when they enter a relationship. Stay close to your friends and family and keep your interests in the forefront of your life. That way when he decides he needs time alone, you won’t miss a beat. You’ll just continue with the parts of your life that don’t include him.

Don’t be at all surprised if he acts as if nothing has happened when you do finally hear from him again. This is beyond annoying but it’s imperative that you don’t lash out and question him about why he chose to ignore you. He won’t understand why you perceive it as a big deal and he also, won’t be quick to forgive you for what he’ll determine is a temper tantrum of sorts.

As bothersome as this character trait is, it’s important to remember that the Aquarius man is a wonderful partner. He’s committed, his fiercely loyal and he’ll treat you like a treasure. By honoring his need for his own space, you’ll be showing him that you honor who he is as an individual and a man. He needs that from you and you need to respect every part of him if you want a long lasting and mutually fulfilling connection.

You can learn more about the unique and amazing Aquarius man and tips on how to get him utterly addicted to you. You’re crazy about him, just imagine how fulfilling it will be when he feels exactly the same way about you.


Aquarius Men Personality Traits

Aquarius personality traitsOne of the essential ways to develop a close bond with anyone is to gain a better understanding of who they are as a person. That’s true regardless of whether you’re starting a new job, working on building a platonic friendship or you’re hoping to connect with a future life partner. For any woman who has a romantic interest in the Aquarius male, it’s important that she has a basic idea of what his personality traits are. Obviously, each man has his own unique qualities, but there are some fundamental traits in every man born under this zodiac sign.

Men born between January 20th and February 19th tend to be calm. These are not men that you can rile easily and they handle difficult situations with ease and charm. If you’ve ever had a friend who is an Aquarius you know that you can generally turn to him for advice and guidance without little judgment involved. He’s not apt to get upset about much and if something does irk him, he will work calmly and patiently to find a solution.

These men are also introverted. They don’t enjoy having the spotlight on them. They’d much rather focus on others which is one of loving the Aquariusthe main reasons you rarely hear an Aquarius male tooting his own horn. He’s humble and he’s not going to announce his own accomplishments to the world, regardless of how monumental they are. He’s also not the type of person who will ramble on endlessly about himself. He will always encourage others to talk about themselves so he can subtly learn about who they are.

If you’re drawn to positive people, Aquarius men should be high on your list. They want to see the best there is to see in any given situation and they’ll often go out of their way to make certain that those around them see the positive angle too. This is a great personality trait to possess and it’s very likely that if you spend time with a man like this, that his positive nature will begin to rub off on you too.

Being interested in a man like this has its own set of unique challenges. They definitely take their time with it comes to committing. You can’t rush a man like this to the altar. If you even hint at an exclusive relationship before he’s ready, he may view you as too pushy and any connection you’ve built to that point will break into a million pieces. Take your time and enjoy getting to know him. He’ll appreciate your laid back attitude more than you know.


How to Attract an Aquarius Man! Secrets You Need to Know

attract an Aquarius manYou have one goal romantically at this moment. You’ve met an Aquarius man and he’s all you can think about. There isn’t a woman alive who could blame you for that. After all, these men are amazing, aren’t they? There’s something extra alluring about a man born under this star sign. Typically he’s deeply compassionate and on a quest to better the world around him. He doesn’t always follow the rules which makes him that much more appealing for those of us who are attracted to the bad boy type. And he loves without reservation. If you can capture the heart of one of these men, you will have a partner committed to you and your needs.

Before you begin your quest to get a man born under this sign to fall hopelessly in love with you, you need to be mindful of how much he likely doesn’t want anything serious. When this type of man is dating someone new, the last thing he has on his mind is forever. He’s out looking for fun and if you start talking about anything too serious, too soon, he’s bound to pull back and disappear for good. Keep things light and spontaneous if you truly want him to fall for you. The key is to appear as though you’re not that invested in the relationship and before you know it, he’ll be the one talking about the future and how he can’t possibly live without you.

If the Aquarius man you’ve fallen for is someone new in your life, you may discover that the path to his heart is one of friendship. These men tend to lean towards falling for good friends so it’s worth investing yourself, first and foremost, in a friendship with him. You may feel slightly disappointed if he seems to treat you as just a friend at first, but consider it a compliment! He want an Aquarius manwants to establish a firm and stable foundation before he opens his heart up so help him down that path. It will lead to a greater bond.

Trust can sometimes be an issue for men born during this time of year. It’s not that they’re naturally suspicious. It’s all about them being wary of giving too much of themselves before they’re certain the woman in question can hold their heart and protect it. Be prepared for many questions regarding your past loves and your hopes and dreams for the future. Never try and make him jealous because he won’t respond well. Chances are very good that if he does suspect that you’re seeing another man that he’ll leave you for good. Keeping things open and honest with your Aquarius man will give you the best chance possible to steal his heart for good.

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Get Back an Aquarius Man

If you’ve already been able to capture the heart of an Aquarius man and now he’s pulled back or broken up with you, you know that it’s a devastating feeling. It’s frustrating when you realize that you had everything you could ever want and now it’s all just seemed to disappear into thin air. Break ups are often just a bump in the road for a couple. Many couples actually recover from a break up to go on to have a loving, satisfying, long term relationship.

Getting an Aquarius man back can seem like an almost insurmountable task. If you’ve already tried you know that he may shut you get back an Aquarius mandown quickly when you ask to talk about the broken relationship. He also may be ignoring your calls and texts which only results in you feeling insignificant and discarded.

When it comes to getting an Aquarius man to fall back in love with you, it’s all about the actions that you take. There are very specific things that you need to be doing and saying right at this moment to push certain psychological triggers within him that will make him race back to you begging you to take him back.

Find out now what you should be doing at this very moment to lay the groundwork to get back the man you love. It doesn’t matter if the break up was your idea, if it was his or if you two just slowly drifted apart. If you’re intent on building a future with him, take the initiative and make it happen.

If you continue to do what you’re doing right at this moment, you’re not going to get back your man. You have to do what it takes – learn what this is now.

Make an Aqaurius Man Desire You!

aquarius man in loveWhen you’re intent on getting a particular Aquarius man to love you, you’re not apt to let anything stand in your way. I say, “You go girl!” After all, as most of us realize, love can be very fleeting and the chance to have a life changing love affair isn’t something that drops into our lap on a daily basis. Love is rare and it’s something that should be treasured. When you find the Aquarius man of your dreams, it’s up to you, to pull at his heartstrings and make him see that there’s only one woman in the world for him and that’s you!

In my quest to get the man of my dreams to love me, I realized very quickly that I wasn’t quite in tune with what he was thinking and feeling. That’s understandable given the fact that I’m a woman and he’s a man. The problem was that I was unwittingly doing things that were pushing him away from me. I was saying things in passing that were impacting him emotionally in a very negative way and I was doing things that he didn’t find appealing but I had no idea they were detrimental.

I realized that I needed help. We all study to learn new things. Why don’t we put that same effort into understanding men and relationships? If a woman can gain more insight into how her Aquarius man thinks and feels, she’s going to have a much more satisfying and loving relationship. It’s truly that simple.

Every man wants to feel cherished, loved and respected. Once you understand how to make your get aquarius to want youman feel those things, you’ll have a direct line to his heart. He’ll see you as special, caring and different than every other woman he’s ever dated or been involved with.

There’s a video that every woman who is deeply interested in a man should watch. It’s very helpful and it explains what men need and what you need to be doing now to get the Aquarius man you love to love you back just as much, if not more!

Again, here’s the link to the video. You owe it to yourself to watch. After all, you love the man and if you let him slip through your fingers, you may feel regret the rest of your life. You want to be happy and you want him so make it happen now. You have a beautiful life with him waiting for you – take the first step towards that today.

Tips to Get an Aquarius Man to Love You

If you’ve fallen crazy in love with an Aquarius man no one would blame you. These men are amazing and their fierce sense of loyalty makes them the ideal life partner. You do need to be aware of a few specific characteristics of the Aquarius man if you’re hoping to claim the heart of one. A man born under this star sign can fall in love but it takes a very insightful woman to make it happen.
Aquarius Men Are Not Quick to Commit
Aquarius man in loveAs much as you may want to get your Aquarius man to commit, you have to be realistic. These men take their time when it comes to handing their heart over to a woman. Because of that you must be mindful of how much you push towards something serious too soon. The best approach to take if you want to get an Aquarius man to fall in love with you is to play it cool. Don’t talk about the future. It’s best to just embrace the present and all it has to offer both of you.
Sometimes a man born under this star sign will purposefully ask what your views on marriage and family are just to see if you’re going to be someone who will eventually pressure him into committing. The best response you can possibly give him is to say that it’s not something you’ve been giving a lot of thought to because you’re just living your life one day at a time. If he feels he has some breathing room, he’s going to subconsciously open up more to you.

Many Aquarius men will tell you that they fell in love without even realizing that it was happening. In most cases, this happens with a woman who isn’t focused on getting a diamond ring or an elaborate wedding. Instead, it’s the woman who just loves being with him in the here and now.
Aquarius Men Need Their Space
It’s always really hard to accept a man’s need for space and time if you’re crazy about him. When a man you adore pulls back it can be very disorienting and frightening. You’re not sure whether he’s coming back or if you did something to cause his distant behavior. That’s why it’s essential that you recognize that Aquarius men will do this as a way to cope with their own emotional shortcomings. Often, they’ll do it without any word to their significant other and that in itself can cause major problems.
If the man you’ve been dating suddenly pulls away from you it’s imperative that you don’t chase after him demanding an explanation. If you do this, you’re going to inevitably push him even farther away from you. Instead, just take a moment to consider that he’s doing this out of personal necessity and it has absolutely no bearing on how much he cares for you.
Your man will actually feel closer to you if you accept that he needs time to himself and you carry on with your own life. Naturally this is going to be incredibly difficult, but it will help strengthen the bond with your Aquarius man and it will also ensure that he sees you as someone willing to accept him and all his eccentricities.
Aquarius Men Want to be Your Romantic Hero
Of all the star signs, there’s no denying that men born under the sign of Aquarius are the most romantic. These men will do everything in their power to make certain that the womanromantic Aquarius man they love knows it and feels it at every opportunity. When your Aquarius man falls for you expect much more than a dozen roses now and again, or a heartfelt greeting card for your birthday. These men will go the extra mile to ensure that their romantic gestures sweep the woman they adore off her feet.

In order to encourage his inner romantic you need to be welcoming and embracing of each and every romantic thing that your Aquarius man does for you. It may start simply with him stopping to pick up your favorite coffee drink or perhaps he’ll write you a short poem detailing his feelings. If you don’t thank him for these things and make him feel special for putting forth the effort, you may actually unintentionally cause him to pull back.

Let him sweep you off your feet and be thankful for all the attention and affection he’s showing you. He wants to feel as though he’s special to you and that no other man has ever made you feel as loved, adored and doted on as he has.
By understanding your guy’s innate characteristics, you can be fully prepared to love and accept him exactly as he is which will make him fall head over heels for you. All the effort you put in now to capture his heart is worth it since loving an Aquarius man will gift you with a lifetime of cherished moments.

There is a guaranteed way to get him to feel emotionally connected to you. You can get your Aquarius man to love you deeper than you ever imagined possible. Life is short, love is fleeting and if you find a man you absolutely adore, shouldn’t you do everything in your power to build a beautiful life with him? Watch this amazing video to learn how to get him to utterly adore you.