How to Attract an Aquarius Man! Secrets You Need to Know

attract an Aquarius manYou have one goal romantically at this moment. You’ve met an Aquarius man and he’s all you can think about. There isn’t a woman alive who could blame you for that. After all, these men are amazing, aren’t they? There’s something extra alluring about a man born under this star sign. Typically he’s deeply compassionate and on a quest to better the world around him. He doesn’t always follow the rules which makes him that much more appealing for those of us who are attracted to the bad boy type. And he loves without reservation. If you can capture the heart of one of these men, you will have a partner committed to you and your needs.

Before you begin your quest to get a man born under this sign to fall hopelessly in love with you, you need to be mindful of how much he likely doesn’t want anything serious. When this type of man is dating someone new, the last thing he has on his mind is forever. He’s out looking for fun and if you start talking about anything too serious, too soon, he’s bound to pull back and disappear for good. Keep things light and spontaneous if you truly want him to fall for you. The key is to appear as though you’re not that invested in the relationship and before you know it, he’ll be the one talking about the future and how he can’t possibly live without you.

If the Aquarius man you’ve fallen for is someone new in your life, you may discover that the path to his heart is one of friendship. These men tend to lean towards falling for good friends so it’s worth investing yourself, first and foremost, in a friendship with him. You may feel slightly disappointed if he seems to treat you as just a friend at first, but consider it a compliment! He want an Aquarius manwants to establish a firm and stable foundation before he opens his heart up so help him down that path. It will lead to a greater bond.

Trust can sometimes be an issue for men born during this time of year. It’s not that they’re naturally suspicious. It’s all about them being wary of giving too much of themselves before they’re certain the woman in question can hold their heart and protect it. Be prepared for many questions regarding your past loves and your hopes and dreams for the future. Never try and make him jealous because he won’t respond well. Chances are very good that if he does suspect that you’re seeing another man that he’ll leave you for good. Keeping things open and honest with your Aquarius man will give you the best chance possible to steal his heart for good.

There is a foolproof way to attract an Aquarius man. You love him, don’t you? Why not do everything in your power to capture the man’s heart for good? Learn how you can make him love you more than you ever thought possible.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks for this Gillian. I never even thought about my friend as an “Aquarius Man” but everything I have read here makes perfect sense.

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