Tips to Get an Aquarius Man to Love You

If you’ve fallen crazy in love with an Aquarius man no one would blame you. These men are amazing and their fierce sense of loyalty makes them the ideal life partner. You do need to be aware of a few specific characteristics of the Aquarius man if you’re hoping to claim the heart of one. A man born under this star sign can fall in love but it takes a very insightful woman to make it happen.
Aquarius Men Are Not Quick to Commit
Aquarius man in loveAs much as you may want to get your Aquarius man to commit, you have to be realistic. These men take their time when it comes to handing their heart over to a woman. Because of that you must be mindful of how much you push towards something serious too soon. The best approach to take if you want to get an Aquarius man to fall in love with you is to play it cool. Don’t talk about the future. It’s best to just embrace the present and all it has to offer both of you.
Sometimes a man born under this star sign will purposefully ask what your views on marriage and family are just to see if you’re going to be someone who will eventually pressure him into committing. The best response you can possibly give him is to say that it’s not something you’ve been giving a lot of thought to because you’re just living your life one day at a time. If he feels he has some breathing room, he’s going to subconsciously open up more to you.

Many Aquarius men will tell you that they fell in love without even realizing that it was happening. In most cases, this happens with a woman who isn’t focused on getting a diamond ring or an elaborate wedding. Instead, it’s the woman who just loves being with him in the here and now.
Aquarius Men Need Their Space
It’s always really hard to accept a man’s need for space and time if you’re crazy about him. When a man you adore pulls back it can be very disorienting and frightening. You’re not sure whether he’s coming back or if you did something to cause his distant behavior. That’s why it’s essential that you recognize that Aquarius men will do this as a way to cope with their own emotional shortcomings. Often, they’ll do it without any word to their significant other and that in itself can cause major problems.
If the man you’ve been dating suddenly pulls away from you it’s imperative that you don’t chase after him demanding an explanation. If you do this, you’re going to inevitably push him even farther away from you. Instead, just take a moment to consider that he’s doing this out of personal necessity and it has absolutely no bearing on how much he cares for you.
Your man will actually feel closer to you if you accept that he needs time to himself and you carry on with your own life. Naturally this is going to be incredibly difficult, but it will help strengthen the bond with your Aquarius man and it will also ensure that he sees you as someone willing to accept him and all his eccentricities.
Aquarius Men Want to be Your Romantic Hero
Of all the star signs, there’s no denying that men born under the sign of Aquarius are the most romantic. These men will do everything in their power to make certain that the womanromantic Aquarius man they love knows it and feels it at every opportunity. When your Aquarius man falls for you expect much more than a dozen roses now and again, or a heartfelt greeting card for your birthday. These men will go the extra mile to ensure that their romantic gestures sweep the woman they adore off her feet.

In order to encourage his inner romantic you need to be welcoming and embracing of each and every romantic thing that your Aquarius man does for you. It may start simply with him stopping to pick up your favorite coffee drink or perhaps he’ll write you a short poem detailing his feelings. If you don’t thank him for these things and make him feel special for putting forth the effort, you may actually unintentionally cause him to pull back.

Let him sweep you off your feet and be thankful for all the attention and affection he’s showing you. He wants to feel as though he’s special to you and that no other man has ever made you feel as loved, adored and doted on as he has.
By understanding your guy’s innate characteristics, you can be fully prepared to love and accept him exactly as he is which will make him fall head over heels for you. All the effort you put in now to capture his heart is worth it since loving an Aquarius man will gift you with a lifetime of cherished moments.

There is a guaranteed way to get him to feel emotionally connected to you. You can get your Aquarius man to love you deeper than you ever imagined possible. Life is short, love is fleeting and if you find a man you absolutely adore, shouldn’t you do everything in your power to build a beautiful life with him? Watch this amazing video to learn how to get him to utterly adore you.



  1. Trish says:

    Very interesting read, thank you Gillian. I only just found out that my man is an Aquarius – I have much to learn!

    • GillianR says:

      Hi Trish – Lucky you! Enjoy your time with him and hopefully it will turn into something permanent and fulfilling if that’s what you’re searching for. Aquarius men are extra special. Take care and have fun!

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