When an Aquarius Man Ignores You! What This Really Means

when he ignores youOne of the first things I always tell a woman who loves an Aquarius man is to get used to his disappearing act. Generally women dating men born under this sign aren’t used to their need to duck out of the relationship from time-to-time. The first time it does happen most of us panic. It may follow a small disagreement, an intense intimate moment or it may just come out of the clear blue sky. Regardless, when the guy you’re deeply interested in, suddenly is nowhere to be found, you’re going to question what’s going on. That’s nature, normal and it’s completely expected. How you handle this is crucial to the blossoming relationship and to your future connection with him.

Understanding what to do when an Aquarius man ignores you has as much to do with gaining insight into why he does it as to what your steps should be while it’s happening. These men are notorious for vanishing into thin air. They not only do it with the women they’re involved with, but with their parents, siblings, other family members and even close friends. It’s not something that they consciously do. You’re not going to find an Aquarius man who readily admits that he decides to break off all contact for a time. He’s just programmed to do that. It’s the way he handles his emotions whether they’re overwhelming him, just making him uncomfortable, or even in some cases, when he’s feeling extra happy. It’s a trigger response within him and it’s something that you have to learn not to take personally if you truly love him.

So what’s the best way to handle this situation? What should you be doing when your Aquarius man ignores you? Nothing. That’s right – Aquarius man ignoring youyou should do absolutely nothing when he disappears into the ether. If you try and track him down, he’s going to absorb that as you being pushy and overstepping a boundary. If you act out in terms of getting upset and telling him that you feel ignored, he’ll then ignore you on purpose, perhaps forever.

You must learn to adapt when you love an Aquarius man. You have to accept that there are going to be moments (perhaps a lot) in which he just needs space and time. When that’s going on it’s best for you to focus on your own life and your own interests. That’s one of the main reasons that women should never give up anything they enjoy when they enter a relationship. Stay close to your friends and family and keep your interests in the forefront of your life. That way when he decides he needs time alone, you won’t miss a beat. You’ll just continue with the parts of your life that don’t include him.

Don’t be at all surprised if he acts as if nothing has happened when you do finally hear from him again. This is beyond annoying but it’s imperative that you don’t lash out and question him about why he chose to ignore you. He won’t understand why you perceive it as a big deal and he also, won’t be quick to forgive you for what he’ll determine is a temper tantrum of sorts.

As bothersome as this character trait is, it’s important to remember that the Aquarius man is a wonderful partner. He’s committed, his fiercely loyal and he’ll treat you like a treasure. By honoring his need for his own space, you’ll be showing him that you honor who he is as an individual and a man. He needs that from you and you need to respect every part of him if you want a long lasting and mutually fulfilling connection.

You can learn more about the unique and amazing Aquarius man and tips on how to get him utterly addicted to you. You’re crazy about him, just imagine how fulfilling it will be when he feels exactly the same way about you.